We offer several conferences throughout the event. They are given by instructors and academic researchers of international renown.

Here are our confirmed lecturers for 2019 :

  • Julien Garry (FR)
  • More to be announced

Presentations to come.

Why lightsabers and chainsaw swords, or how to explain the over-representation of close combat in science-fiction fights ?

By Julien Garry (FR)

This conference is a discussion of the influence of the First World War propaganda and of the various militarist modes of representation of this period on Science Fiction. The aim is to demonstrate the link between the over-representation of close combat in the vision and imagination of modern warfare, which has influenced science-fiction writers of the 20th and 21st century, who today still cannot (for the majority) consider futuristic war without close combat. For this, we will study this subject through three major universe of multi-media Science-Fiction : Star Wars, Star Trek and Warhammer 40k.

Julien’s presentation: I have been a HEMA a practitioner for almost 10 years, and teach military fencing with bayonet, saber or spear, on foot as on horseback. My HEMA practice made me want to look into the history of this obscure and unknown branch of fencing history: battlefield fencing. My research, first amateur, led me to resume history studies, a master first, whose memoir was awarded a publication, then the PhD. I am now a doctoral student at the University of Burgundy, and my thesis subject is precisely this history of war fencing. I am a 19th century military HEMA instructor at De Taille et Estoc and have been giving lectures and workshops on these subjects since 2012, my specialties being the French and Swiss officer’s sabre, bayonet fencing, horse fight (I also regularly lead the equestrian sessions of De Taille et d’Estoc) and fight on a boat according to French and British sources.