Instructors 2018

During two days, the Swiss Blades will offer 12 workshops relating to various weapons, historical weapons, approches, and different skills level. The goal is to give a large choice to participants, so that everybody, beginner as well as advanced, can enjoy it. The schedule will also allow people taking part in the tournament to participate in at least two of the five workshops sessions. Furthermore, we will organise conferences on Saturday evening. Detailed schedule will follow.

Here are instructors’ presentations:

Marine Beaumel (FIN)

I have always been practicing all kind of sports and different martial arts (savate, thai boxing, judo,…). I discovered HEMA in 2008 and joined the group in Toulouse (France) in 2010, where I’ve trained sword and buckler and then started teaching it. I have been an instructor for 5 years now. Nowadays, I am in Tampere (finland) where i co-founded a new group 4 years ago. I practice also langes messer and dagger, but my main focus is on 1.33.

Biomechanics in sword and buckler I.33

Jasper Boelsma (NED)

I started doing HEMA in January of 2015, along with a small group of fellow students of archaeology at Leiden University. This small group eventuelly developed into HSSV Ludolph van Ceulen, the only HEMA-club for university students in the Netherlands.

The club mainly focusses on Lecküchner messer, though tries to include as many different weapons as possible, to let our students experience both the uniqueness and similarities between different weaponsets.

Two years ago, I started experimenting with the Viking Age weaponset, and have been practising between 2 and 6 hours a week with it ever since. And now, I feel ready to spread this progress with the HEMA-community. I’ve already presented this workshop at the Winterkamp-event, hosted by the Zwaardkring, and I’m planning to present it a lot more often.

Introduction to Viking Sword and Shield

The Evolution of the Spatha and its User

Rui Ferreira (POR)

Rui Ferreira is a founding member and instructor of Espada Negra – HEMA Study Group in Lisbon, he’s an assistant instructor at the Academy of Historical Fencing and actively researches British military swordsmanship of the Napoleonic period. With three translations so far, he has been contributing to the community by making accessible some of the lesser known Portuguese content from the 19th century. Rui is also fond of Italian rapier studying and teaching actively in the club according to Capo Ferro’s treatise. Additionally, you may recognise some of his works under the Fencing Masters Project, where Rui makes use of his artistic background and master’s degree, to bring back to life the fencing masters we love and study.

Capo Ferro’s rapier

 Alexander Fürgut (DE)

Alexander Fürgut instructs longsword and historical wrestling at the Schwabenfedern Ulm, a club he co-founded in 2011. He mostly works with the Liechtenauer tradition and the Codex Danzig. His martial art interests also include regular training in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As an instructor his goal is to train well rounded students who know how to thrive against resisting opponents and are well able to handle additional weapons and unarmed wrestling. For that reason, a central element of his teachings are exercises with Aliveness and progressive resistance leading into free play.

Training the Zornhau with Aliveness

Training with Aliveness

Jens Peter Kleinau (DE)

Jens P. Kleinau is the instructor for single handed weapons, and single handed weapon combinations at Zornhau, in Germany. His way of martial arts and sports started in 1973 with Olympic fencing. Since then he studied various martial arts with some respites mostly related to injuries resulting from that kind of leisure-time activity. His main studies had been Fencing and Shotokan Karate (Risto Kiiskilä). He is still in Wing Chun (Richard Cole lineage Leung Ting), Historical Martial Arts (Torsten Schneyer and many others), and most recently in Taijiquan (lineage Yang Style). He is a member of Zornhau since 2005, and in 2009 he joined a second HEMA club named Stahl auf Stahl, Frankfurt, Germany. In 2013 he founded the New Marxbrüder association in Frankfurt. In 2016 he started to teach in the Fechtfabrik in Frankfurt. He is a sought-after instructor at international events or workshops as he reduces his appearence to only a few selected per annum. His favorite teaching subjects are Langes Messer (long knife), sword & buckler, and shield and spear. Jens P. researches, transcribes, translates, and interprets the medieval and renaissance fighting manuals and publishes at his well-known blog As a part of the Zornhau team he measures and handles original weapons and shields and publishes the data at the club’s website. To broaden his horizon and assure the quality of his own work, he is in constant exchange with other experts (mostly using his three letter acronym “jpk” or a nom de plume matching this acronym like “Johann Paulus Kal” at Facebook).

Fighting like a Bodyguard




Michael Müller-Hewer (CH)

Born in Germany, I have started to learn stage fighting and “escrime ancienne” in Paris in 1984 and I have studied seriously French baroque fencing since 1990. For more than 20 years, I worked in France as an actor combatant, choreographer and specialist for Blanc weapons in cinema and theater. Since 1992, I teache stage and historic fencing. After three-year-studies, I obtained in 1996 a fencing master’s certificate of the “Akademie der Fechtkunst Deutschlands”. Since 2000, I live in Lausanne/Switzerland. The practice of the Celtic battle in Switzerland developed around my teaching at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) with the study group Cladio. Today I work at the “Cercle des Armes de Lausanne” with the group “CALhistar”. According to the tradition of itinerant Masters I give regularly workshops of Stage fighting and HEMA in France, in Germany, in Switzerland and in Italy.

The French fencing and the epee de court (court sword)
The “French” quarterstaff

Anouk Post (NED)

Anouk Post started doing H.E.M.A. at the end of 2012. Like most she started at a club doing longsword, but that all changed when she held a sabre for the first time in 2015. Heavenly music came down from the sky, light radiated from the beautifully curved blade with elegant guard, and longsword was a thing of the past.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t that dramatic, but her interested skyrocketed completly the moment she first read ‘the Art of Defence on Foot’ by C. Roworth and soon she owned more sabres than longswords. Enthused by the simple yet thorough description originating from Great Britain during the Napoleonic era, she realised it was the perfect treatise for people who had never held a sabre before. It wasn’t long before she gave her first sabre introduction workshop, and has successfully spread the sabre virus both nationally and internationally ever since.

Anouk has successfully competed in several competitions and has given workshops at several events such as HEMAC Dijon, By the Sword & the International Lowlands Hema Gathering. As an independent instructor she occasionally teaches at several H.E.M.A. clubs in the Netherlands, and when not teaching she spends her time on her duties as a board member of the Dutch H.E.M.A. Federation.

The perfect crash course on British military sabre

Oskar ter Mors (NED)

Oskar ter Mors has been doing HEMA since 2009, seeking a past-time that would unite his love of history and his wish to learn martial arts. Since then, things have gotten somewhat out of hand, as Oskar nowadays spends most of his time fighting with swords or thinking about fighting with swords. Since 2013, he has been an instructor at AMEK. His HEMA experience encompasses teaching, research and competing, as he believes that all of these are important for becoming a good martial artist. Although he practices multiple weapons and systems, he is most at home when wielding a longsword or langes messer.

Mutual Thrust. Using the Langenort in langes Messer.

Davy Van Elst (BE)

Davy Van Elst started as an active fencer at Sumus Soldani in 2009 and became the main instructor in 2013. Not only interested in Liechtenauer longsword, he also began studying Joachim Meyer and quickly acquired the rank of Fechter in the Meyer Freifechter Guild after a test of his knowledge and skill with the longsword according to Joachim Meyer. Apart from longsword, Davy also has a weak spot for the Bolognese sword and buckler system which he picked up only recently in the begin of 2017. Besides teaching the weekly classes at Sumus Soldani, he has also given a number of longsword and Bolognese sword and buckler workshops in Belgium and other countries.

Tactical use of Zufechten

Darko Andreas Zürcher (CH)

Before starting HEMA I have done Judo in my youth and Schläger and Sabre during my time at university.

I have been practicing historical fencing since 2012, occasionally taking the role as an instructor since 2013 and started Sub Brach in Olten in 2014.

Since then I have given workshops on sabre, dagger, dussack, staff, sword and buckler, longsword.


Überlaufen, Durchlaufen, Messer nehmen nach Lecküchner


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